Chipperfield Tennis Club have an online court booking system that enables all members to have equal access in booking a court up to 13 days ahead. Also it enables courts to be cancelled easily. See attached guide (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader) or click on the online booking system


The system will only let you book 13 days ahead

Max 4 hours forward booking per family membership (on a rolling basis) i.e. as soon as you have played you can then forward book again a further slot

Max 3 hours forward booking per single membership (on a rolling basis)

Please note that over booking court time will result in the account being suspended

Please try and only book max 1.5 hours slot per game so that more members can play

After 5pm max 1.5 hours on the back court

10-minute rule applies: if you are not on court then another member can use the court for the whole booking

If courts are still free on the actual day of play then a member can book and use the court (better than it not being used)


A member is allowed to play with a Guest but the Member is responsible for paying the Guest Fee: £5 hour per Guest – non-payment of Guest Fees will result in your online account being suspended.

Please pay online in advance to:
ACCOUNT NO: 48608998
SORT CODE: 60 00 08

Please cancel your court if you can no longer make the booking as far ahead as possible to be fair to your CTC members. Non use of a court will be reported and ultimately you are at risk of having your account suspended.

The Club relies on members to self-police the use of the courts. Please look after our great courts and ENJOY your tennis.

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