The club year runs from May 1st to April 30th.

17 June 2020
Membership is now full and regretfully closed for this year.

Chipperfield Tennis Club Rules

Family members can have 3 hours court time outstanding at any given time (with a maximum 2 hours block booking). Adult, student and junior members are entitled to 2 hours court time.

Members may only book courts in their own name.

Junior members (under aged 10) are not allowed to play without an adult member present.

A court booking is forfeited if 10 minutes elapses without play commencing. In case of a 2 hour booking it is the first hour that is lost.

Regular offenders of ‘booking and not showing’ face suspension from the club.

Play under floodlights on Court 2 is available for members only until 9pm each day. (Guests can play but only with a member – usual fees apply, see below). Junior members under the age of 13 may use the floodlit court until 5.30pm. Thereafter they must be accompanied by an adult member. There is no restriction for junior members aged 13 and over.

Non marking tennis shoes/trainers only to be worn on court.

No dogs, bikes, skateboards etc. allowed on court.

Gates must be securely closed after play.

No tennis balls may be retrieved from the allotments.

Any individual found damaging the courts or club property shall be liable to face prosecution and shall be suspended from the club if a member.

The club cannot accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss. 
All persons play at their own risk.

Players are advised to take extra care when playing in adverse weather conditions.

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